Learn in 1 minute, settle in 5 minutes

“VECTORY” is a new and sophisticated analogue Board game that was totally created in Japan especially for the mature ladies and gentleman (R35 generation).

“VECTORY” was conceptualized by these two words “Vector” and “Victory”.
A direction of the arrow (vector) literally steer the victory of the game.
"VECTORY" is a quite simple board game but it is real enjoyment for players to read some moves ahead and thinking tactics against an opponent, also can feel good old joy directly through five senses.
It's new but brings us back something old good memories.
Picking a piece of vector then looking at a board greatly thrilled us.

“VECTORY” is played by two players and rule is quite simple.

“VECTORY” is the high-quality product, that is completely made in Japan with confidence.

“VECTORY” is only sold at official website.