"VECTORY" is the high-quality product, that is completely made in Japan with confidence.

"VECTORY" is the board game that can be hooked mature ladies & gentlemen.
The game must be simple yet interesting, also it must be much more perfect quality as "goods", than others. Moreover the game must meet a joy to watch, and a joy to touch, and a joy to own, at the same time.

Design, draft, plan were drawn and created by paper.
Then several prototype were really made by several different materials.
Finally got an answer.
That's right, "Made in Japan"

The game domestically designed and produced by Japanese creater and manufactures. Only selected Japanese high-quality materials are used for "VECTORY". This is real "Made in Japan" product and place a special emphasis on this point.
Let enjoy to play “VECTORY”. Let feel satisfied to own “VECTORY”. And let have a fun to compete with friends or family.
A new sense board game for mature ladies and gentlemen from Japan.

The solid wood of Japanese "Nara-oak"

First of all, we especially pursued a perfect base of the game board.
Because we would like every owner to enjoy & love "VECTORY" for a long while.

We found that Japanese Nara solid oak wood that is used for high-end furniture or wine barrel, is the best material for the game base after our detailed investigation.
We only use Japanese Nara solid oak which is carefully lumbered in domestic.

Japanese culture has been nurtured with the " tree" for a long while.

Tree is nearby in the familiar of our Japanese people.
We know that most of Japanese people feel comfortable when seeing & touching trees.

Once our direction become clear, meeting various people and items come along.
We met a joiner who really have a high skill and sense.
There is a cardinal rule that
"A selection of high-quality material is most important and it make the high-quality furniture "

Although hard work and time will be required to processing for hardwood oak. however each wooden parts mortise and tenon joint is assembled with a traditional technique without nails or screws.
That means wooden parts will never loosen and the dyed color will be beautifully stayed.
Moreover enjoy seeing aging change of the grain and be loved much.
The materials just suit a concept of "VECTORY"
Superlative materials, craftmanship and sense is shining.

The billiard cloth "Raxa"

We carefully selected the cloth of the board.
An affinity with the base wood, touch, noise and smoothness has been tried with various cloths. And we finally found the cloth which is used for billiards table cloth.
It is very strong to friction and have lint-free joint. Also ball roll will be delicately changed by its thickness (weight) or nap also.

The first class billiards cloth that is extremely stable and has a durability, was selected.
The cloth (yarn, textile and finishing) is consistently made in Japan and has been used for the billiards Japan Championship.
The cloth is weaved by the best proportion of mixed textile by 70% Wool / 30% Nylon.
Let arrows smoothly slide. A pleasant feel of sliding would be enchant you.

The artificial marble

The pieces would be the most touchable item by players hands.
A board game VECTORY will be developped by 32 pieces red and 32 pieces white, total of 64 pieces arrow shaped piece.
Sometimes ponder while roll the pieces in hand , sometimes literally to hand the pieces , there is also a scene that hold sweat in hand .
Texture , size, weight and colors has considered from every angle. And we repeatedly made several prototypes.
Then finally we found the artificial marble that was made by acrylic resin that has both beauty and functionality from Japanese maker. It perfectly meet our requirement.
This acrylic artificial marble is used for a top board of the kitchen or table.
It has strong properties in shock and heat because there is a moderate weight and stickiness , also it has smooth surface, and easy to care.
The pieces are hollowed out individually by a laser cutter from solid artificial marble plate, and then thoroughly polished.
Compatibility with the piece and the billiard cloth is preeminent .

Anyway, we want you to take the piece and feel it in your hand .
After that, our commitment will be understand to everyone.

The indigo dyeing by natural lye fermentation

Our commitment to " Made in JAPAN " is not only for essential tools in the board game . We put our blood into creating the bag for storing the pieces .
We made the drawstring pouch using a natural indigo dyeing cloth called "Japan Blue" .
It is said, " Ai-date " that the dye liquor of Indigo dyeing is made .
"Sukumo " is made ??from the indigo leaves and the lye, also Japanese Sake, bran ( wheat skin ) and the lime is used for the lye fermentation. Liquid will continue to be fermented slowly while increasing the volume .
Then approx a week after , it is ready to finally be dyed cloth .
And what over time , a gentle and a beauty is born only for the natural indigo dyeing.

The indigo dyeing that is dyeing over and over again will more shining.
It exudes a unique color and texture , and it can not be express in simple "Blue" or "Navy" .
The Warring States period , for insect repellent , the natural Indigo dyeing underwear was worn under the armor.
”VECTORY” that is using the red and white pieces is likened to the war of the Warring States period . That's why we made the pouch to put the tools for fighting.
The color will be more deep by well-used, the worn out will also be attractive.
"VECTORY" is tightly condensed Japanese craftsmanship , and it is a game tool for adults who still have a sense of fun like a boy.