VECTORY is played by two players and rule is quite simple.

Only two red and white color arrow shaped piece are used for the game.
In foreseen of the deployment of the opponent's piece , to determine the direction of the arrow .
A game is advanced by believing a victory and putting an arrow at each players alternatively on 64 squares of the board.
There is no complexity such as digital game .A rule itself is quite simple.
And it is easy to get started , you will immediately hooked.
Judgment and insight and intuition and inspiration to decide the outcome of the game .
Please feel much pleasure when you say "VECTORY" before putting a final (winning) arrow.


In opponents each other to select the red or white arrow , first a red arrow.
Four red thick lined squares ( = skip zone ) , a white arrow.
It will set each of the four white thick lined squares ( = skip zone ) .
To quite useful in "skip" , within each bolded square.
Determine the direction of the left and right before and after thinking about strategy .
Arrow does not allow to put a diagonal direction .


Decide the first player with opponent .
The first player put his/her arrow in the favorite position (front, back, left and right) freely in the black thick lined square (4 squares ) on the middle of board and then the game will start .
The arrows still does not allow to put a diagonal direction .


The second player puts his/her arrow on a square that the arrow pointed which is put by the first player.
The arrow can be put in any direction, but it is not able to put towards the square which already arrow has been positioned.
Put the arrow each other according to this basic rule.

Example of fail

  • Example of fail 1
  • Example of fail 2

About SKIP

The opponent must put an arrow on a square that was indicated by arrow direction which is positioned firstly on "Skip Zone"
This is called "SKIP" and player can turn their situation at one "SKIP" action.
However, "SKIP" is only applied to player's own Skip Zone.

  • About SKIP 1
  • About SKIP 2


Both players continue to put the arrows in order, then say “VECTORY” in big voice when one player has stopped other's arrow moving.

That's right . You won.